21 July 2013

CMU Portugal Program: Call for Entrepreneurial Research Initiatives

We are pleased to announce that the CMU Portugal Call for Entrepreneurial Research Initiatives (ERIs), funded by the Portuguese Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT), is now open. Approximately € 6 million, half in Portugal and half at CMU, are expected to be available to support four to seven ERIs, for up to 4 years. The Call will remain open from July 17 to 5pm (GMT), of October 16, 2013.

The Phase II of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program emphasizes advanced education and research that can lead to significant entrepreneurial impact. The activities of the program are for the most part configured in Entrepreneurial Research Initiatives (ERIs). ERIs are projects in science, engineering, management and policy that link both fundamental and applied research to technological innovation and economic development. This bridging is pursued by explicitly focusing on important real world problems entailing significant scientific challenges. ERIs consist in integrated activities in research, innovation, advanced education and training of human resources, with industry collaboration and emphasis on the commercialization of technology for real world impact.

ERIs seek to stimulate and promote Portuguese innovation in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as such, and as enabling technologies in nearly all application sectors, in a global context where markets, industries, resources, and talent are internationally distributed. These projects seek to advance technology and engineering, develop talented innovators in Portugal and increase the competitiveness of the Portuguese ICT industry in today’s globalized economy. Ultimately, they seek to foster a culture that integrates discovery, innovation and internationalization by acting as international engines of innovation and growth.

An international innovation engine is in fact a symbiotic relationship between researchers and industry partners, embedded in international knowledge and business networks, to create new ideas and to translate them into products, processes and services.


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