13 January 2015

Faculty Exchange Members Comment on their Experience

Ricardo Lopes Pereira (IST-UL/INESC ID), Vera Miguéis (FEUP), and Pedro Furtado (UC), have different experiences to tell us about their stay at CMU, in the scope of the Faculty Exchange Program. Ricardo describes it as "From Classic Lectures to Student-Driven Classes," Vera Miguéis as "A First Step Towards Strong and Continuous Cooperation," and Pedro Furtado as a way to see how it is possible to "Bridge Academia and Industry." Read the articles about their experiences!

Applications for the Faculty Exchange Program are open for Summer 2015, Fall 2015 and Spring 2016! The deadline is February 6, 2015!

1st Innovation in Aeronautics Roundtable

January 16th, 2015 - INESC TEC
1st Innovation in Aeronautics Roundtable: Fostering Global Supply Networks for the Aeronautics Industry in Portugal more

The Innovation in Aeronautics Roundtables is a series of debates designed with the purpose to foster the exchange of ideas between different players on critical issues on aeronautical development. The goal is to discuss research results and directions using complementary viewpoints from industrial partners, in order to allow the development of a comprehensive perspective on the opportunities and challenges faced by the aeronautics. More specifically, issues regarding the uncertainty in which the industry is expected to develop, fostering a global perspective in the discussion, and addressing the critical issues of skills development in and for the industry are expected to be discussed. 

These roundtables are organized in the scope of the Entrepreneurial Research Initiative - Innovation Dynamics in Aeronautics and Embraer in Évora: Towards a Distributed Platform for Entrepreneurial Initiatives, New Employment and Skills Development -, of the CMU Portugal Program, funded by FCT.

22 December 2014

CMU Portugal Program Newsletter is out!

With an Op-ed written by Professor Marques dos Santos, former rector of the Universidade do Porto, titled "CMU Portugal Program as a Role Model," this Newsletter has stories about different members of the CMU Portugal Program community: Portuguese undergraduates experiences at CMU, doctoral students stories about their achievements, and professors that carried out research at CMU through the Faculty Exchange Program!

We invite you to read our Newsletter at http://eepurl.com/-oaxv.

03 November 2014

inRes 2014: Very Early Stage Acceleration Program more


More information about inRes 2014: Very Early Stage Acceleration Program is available here 

CMU Portugal Program Connects: Enabling Innovation in Companies

CMU Portugal Program Connects 

Enabling Innovation in Companies

“CMU Portugal Program: Enabling Innovation in Companies” is the theme of the two events with companies that the CMU Portugal Program will hold on November 6 and 7, at Porto Business School (PBS) and at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics (CLSBE), respectively. Companies that have actively participated in the CMU Portugal Program, such as CGI, OutSystems, Geolink, Wavecom, among others, have already confirmed their presence.

November 6, 2014 
Venue: Porto Business School, Porto
Hour: 08:30 to 10:20
08:30 Networking Breakfast
08:45 Welcome Words
09:00 CMU Portugal Program: Highlights and Opportunities
    João Claro, National Director, CMU Portugal Program
09:20 Roundtable: Enabling Innovation in Companies
10:20 Wrap-up and Closing Remarks
November 7, 2014 
Venue: Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, Lisboa
Hour: 12:30 to 14:20
12:30 Networking Light Lunch
12:45 Welcome Words
13:00 CMU Portugal Program: Highlights and Opportunities
        João Claro, National Director, CMU Portugal Program
13:20 Roundtable: Enabling Innovation in Companies
14:20 Wrap-up and Closing Remarks

In order to prepare the logistics for the event, please register here.

After these CMU Portugal Program Connects sessions, the national director of the CMU Portugal Program will be available to meet with companies individually, to clarify and better explain the opportunities and possible outcomes of companies' participation in the Program initiatives. If you are interested in participating in these meetings, please use the same form as before.

More information available at http://www.cmuportugal.org/tiercontent.aspx?id=5548.