07 October 2010

NET-SCIP Workshop on Security

October 13, 2010
Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (room B032)
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11:00-11:10: Opening Session
Nuno Neves and André Zúquete, Chair and Co-chair of the Steering Committee of NET-SCIP

11:10-12:00: Invited Presentation
The eXpressive Internet Architecture – A Proposal for a Future Internet Architecture, Peter Steenkiste (ECE/CMU)

12:00-13:00: Session I
(Chair: André Zúquete, Univ. Aveiro)
Management and Security in IPv6-enabled and Performance Controlled Wireless Sensor Networks, Jorge Granjal, Vasco Pereira, Edmundo Monteiro, Jorge Silva (Univ. Coimbra)
Security Services for Wireless Sensor Networks, Henrique Domingos (Univ. Nova de Lisboa)
Sensors, Vehicles and Things: Securing the New Species on the Internet, João Barros (Univ. Porto)
Efficiency and Security Gains via Randomness Reuse Across Different Cryptographic Primitives, Afonso Arriaga, Manuel Barbosa, Pooya Farshim (Univ. Minho)

13:00-14:00: Lunch & Networking

14:00-14:45: Invited Presentation
Manuel Barros (ANACOM)

14:45-16:00: Session II
(Chair: Manuel Barbosa, Univ. Minho)
Vital Responder: A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Security and Critical Infrastructures for First Responders, João Cunha (Univ. Aveiro), Fábio Marques (Univ. Aveiro), Fausto Vieira (Univ. Porto), Miguel Coimbra (Univ. Porto), João Barros (Univ. Porto)
Policy Based and Trust Management for Critical Infrastructure Protection, Filipe Caldeira, Edmundo Monteiro, Paulo Simões (Univ. Coimbra)
TRONE: Trustworthy and Resilient Operations in a Network Environment, P. Veríssimo (Univ. Lisboa), F. Araújo (Univ. Coimbra), J. Alegria (PT), P. Narasimhan (CMU), A. Casimiro (Univ. Lisboa)
Securing Web Applications and Services, Marco Vieira (Univ. Coimbra)
Language Based Security for Database Access Control, João Seco, Jorge Perez, Hugo Vieira, Luís Caires (Univ. Nova de Lisboa)

16:00-16:30: Coffee Break

16:30-17:30: Session III
(Chair: Luís Caires, Univ. Nova de Lisboa)
Machine Assisted Verification Tools for Cryptography, Paulo Silva, Manuel Barbosa (Univ. Minho)
Detection of Covert Communications Using Vector Machines, Francisco Rente, Mário Rela (Univ. Coimbra)
STRAP: Security APIs for Transportation Privacy, Pedro Adão (Univ. Técnica de Lisboa)
Security Breach in Portuguese Citizen Card, António Damasceno, André Silva (Univ. Coimbra / CMU)

17:30-18:00: Closing Panel – Funding opportunities in the 7th ICT upcoming calls

More information available at http://net-scip.cmuportugal.org.

Keynote Speech: "Computational Social Analytics: the iLab@Heinz experience"

Reception and Keynote Speech on Complex Social Analytics

Tuesday 12/10/2010, 17:00-18:30, FEUP (Room B032)

"Computational Social Analytics: the iLab@Heinz experience"
Professor Ramayya Krishnan, Dean, Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University

Abstract:The increasing use of digital devices and instrumented networks enables detailed data to be collected about how people live their lives, communicate, collaborate and conduct work. These data provide an unprecedented opportunity to leverage both computation and social science to develop new behavioral theories and to pioneer new privacy- preserving analytic techniques with applications in societal and commercial contexts. Recognizing the inherently inter-disciplinary nature of the effort, the iLab at the Heinz College has convened a group of faculty from around the CMU campus with expertise in social science (sociology and economics), marketing science, optimization, machine learning and statistics and compiled a set of large societal scale data sets in multiple contexts from different nations (e.g., India and Portugal). This talk will discuss some examples of research conducted at the lab and discuss preliminary evidence of what has been accomplished to date.

Keynote Speech: “The Climate Problem is an Energy Problem: Issues in decarbonizing electricity and transportation”

October 11, 2010
Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (UTL) [Room AE1]

18.00 – 19.00 Reception and Keynote Speech on Energy and Climate Change

“The Climate Problem is an Energy Problem: Issues in decarbonizing electricity and transportation”Professor Granger Morgan, Head, Department of Engineering and Public Policy, CMU
More information available at http://www.cmuportugal.org/tiercontent.aspx?id=2960