19 November 2009

Carnegie Mellon Portugal | Program launches Faculty Exchange Program

Faculty Exchange Program

The Carnegie Mellon | Portugal Program supports faculty exchange programs, in which Portuguese academics can spend at least one term working in research and education at Carnegie Mellon to experience the culture of a top United States university. Carnegie Mellon professors are also given the opportunity to spend time in Portugal to engage in teaching and research activities with local institutions of higher education and research labs.

The goal of the faculty exchange program is to accelerate the adoption of best practices through cultural immersion giving the opportunity to adopt, adapt, propagate, and consolidate the best practices of top universities.

This is unique opportunity is offered by the Carnegie Mellon | Portugal Program to promote a positive exchange of culture and faculty experiences.

During their time, a faculty member from Portugal is exposed to the same environment and working conditions as a colleague at Carnegie Mellon University. The visitor receives a formal appointment as a visiting faculty member, is hosted by a research group, joins the teaching team of a course (undergraduate or graduate level) in a specific area of interest, and is invited to participate in various activities. The same applies to faculty members of Carnegie Mellon, who join a Portuguese university for a given period of time.

For more information visit: www.cmuportugal.org .
Carnegie Mellon | Portugal Program Mission:
The mission of the Carnegie Mellon|Portugal Program is to create new knowledge in key focused areas of information and communications technologies by means of cutting-edge research, world-class graduate education, and a close connection with Portuguese Industry, thus placing Portugal at the forefront of Science and Innovation.


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