07 July 2009

Conference by UTEN with speakers from the Carnegie Mellon|Portugal Program

12th International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation (ICTPI09)

Date: July 13-14, 2009
Location: Porto, Portugal

ICTPI09 is being organized by the University of Porto and INESC Porto with the support of UTEN Portugal (University Technology Enterprise Network) and in cooperation with the IC2 Institute of the University of Texas at Austin and will address Science, Technology and Knowledge Networks and their central role in the development of long term growth strategies to face the financial crisis.
The theme and motto of ICTPI09 is due to challenge us in developing strategic responses to the crisis that integrate long-term concerns, by involving research and development, higher-education and science-based innovation.
This year's conference presents 13 top Key Note Speakers that will address major conference themes and nearly 40 paper presentations enriching the debate with European, American and Asian perspectives, besides 5 round-tables bringing to the floor case-based discussions of best practices in innovation and technology transfer. Editors of Technological Forecasting & Social Change; Technology, Entrepreneurship, Technovation; Journal of Technology Transfer and Models and Methodologies, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management will participate in a Round-table on Scholarly Publishing in Technology Policy and Innovation.

Raj Rajkumar, Professor of Electrical and Computing Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, USA; Co‐Director General Motors‐CMU Information Technology & Autonomous Driving Collaborative Research, USA

Marija Ilic, Professor of Electrical and Computing Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

More information http://www.ictpi09.org.pt/.

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