05 June 2009

First Annual Carnegie Mellon | Portugal Conference

Welcome to the First Annual Carnegie Mellon Portugal Conference

The First Annual Carnegie Mellon Portugal Conference, entitled “Economy 3.0: Re-Boot and Re-Connect” is sponsored by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia and will take place on June 22, 2009, at Palácio da Bolsa, Porto, Portugal.

The current financial crisis has casted some doubt on the existing economic model. Rather than re-booting the system, leaders around the world must re-connect and work towards the growth of global innovation networks, capable of providing robust and sustainable solutions for our common future.

In this context, information and communication technologies have no doubt an important role to play, not only because they remove both geographic and cultural barriers, but also because they are basic building blocks in the search for technical solutions that ensure a more intelligent use of the resources of our planet (e.g. smart grids, vehicular networks, precision agriculture, etc.) and of the talents of our people (workflow software, social networks, personalized contents, etc.). Any increase in competitive advantage is necessarily tied to our ability to lead this search in focused areas of technological innovation. The goal of this conference is to identify some of these areas, from basic research to applications, actively promoting the formation of industrial and academic consortia capable of meeting the challenges of Economy 3.0.

The program includes:

  • keynote address by Prof. Marvin Sirbu, Carnegie Mellon University
  • presentation of a strategic document on the key focused areas of our program and announcement of the next open call for proposals
  • research talks by CarnegieMellonPortugal faculty, researchers and MS/PhD students
  • technical contributions by our industrial affiliates
  • first results and demos by all teams of ongoing research projects
  • welcome and closing addresses by senior government officials
  • networking opportunities for students, faculty, researchers and industrial affiliates

Although conference admission is free of charge, we kindly ask you to fill a short registration form for planning purposes.
Students and Alumni should register and submit their poster topics until June 12, 2009. An online form is available here.
All other participants, please register until June 15, 2009. The form is available here.

More information in http://www.cmuportugal.org/conference2009/ .

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