01 December 2008

Tartan Olympics!

Carnegie Mellon's Student Athletic Advisory Council is staging a "Tartan Olympics," open to all students. Form a team with your friends and email your contact info, your team's name and your preferred event to: cmusaac@gmail.com.

The Tartan Olympics is a multi-contest event engaging different student organizations(dorms, fraternities, sororities, clubs, honor societies, religious groups, music groups, random groups of friends).

Choose an event: Juggling, Rubik's Cube relay, singing/karaoke, DDR, kickball, ice-rink/sled riding, wall-ball, spelling bee, tug-of-war, eating competition, volleyball, pool/splash competition.

The winning student group of the Tartan Olympics will receive a prize of $500.

The Tartan Olympics will take place over the weekend of January 23-25. In addition to the competition, there will be various activities and social events around campus.

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